Regan's art work

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If I Could Turn Back Time Scissors Violin Upturned Chair on Tarp Over Boxes Pitcher Still Life Checkerboard Sketch Hand With Crystals eyes sketch Hands at age 14 Cat, Dec '89 Chainlink Fence Face April 90 Face '91 Rob Lowe '91 Face Sketch #3 '91 Sarah '91 Crosshatch Banana Banana Crosshatch Apple Red Apple Face #5 '91 Face #6 '91 Class Project, March '91 Class Project, March '91 Vase, Dec '92 Star Eyed Painting prelim Candle in the Woods bunny pencil crayon cat charcoal 10.3.87 cat longhair pencil 10.3.87 cat pencil 12.12.87 cat pencil 12.13.87 cat on pillow pencil 8.24.88 cat pencil 8.25.88 cat charcoal 9.19.89 cat blue watercolor disappearing cat 9.19.89 cat head pencil cat statue dog black crayon pink bow 1984 dogs black ink 1984 rose pencil with crayon eyes pencil motes 12.24.89 eyes color 1.6.90 face exercise1 face exercise2 profile face exercise3 9.19.90 face exercise4 9.18.90 face_pencil 2.10.90 girl hoop earrings pencil woman pencil man hand on face pencil man face ink crosshatch woman blue ink crosshatch warrior woman tree ink 1991 man teepee age 8 falcon water color owl pencil owl watercolor1 owl watercolor2 mouse pencil watercolor 1987 watercolor flower 2.17.90 age factor pencil flower_charcoal hand dogtag charcoal landscape pencil musician bandana hands on head pencil musician eyes closed charcoal musician_hat_pencil man with cross necklace pencil shading_ 2.6.91 woman pencil shading unknown pencil 2.12.90 skull pencil 1991 tree pencil Carrousel pony